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I read a comment which said:

“Dear Palestinians, Not everything in Israel is about you. Believe it or not, we have full lives outside of you.

This comment is only a sample of what Israelis are saying to counter those who attack #j14 for not addressing the real injustice Palestinians suffer inside Israel and the occupied territory. You will see such words everywhere if you try to question the Tent Protest movement or critique any aspect of it.

Today’s Headline on Haaretz English is:

Israel to build thousands of new housing units in East Jerusalem

Today’s headline on the Jerusalem Post:

‘Israel trying to fix social ills at Palestinians’ expense’

This can’t get any more ugly, until now we haven’t seen any official #J14 condemnations of those actions by the Israeli Government! Does #j14 accept that their social issues can be solved at Palestinian expense? really?

Silence is complicity!

It has been claimed that this Tent Protest movement hasn’t addressed any of those issues, even after 4 weeks,  because it is afraid of losing public support.  We have been called naive for assuming that Israelis wouldn’t address big issues instantly, this doesn’t convince me. Everyday is another chance to open up the conversation, until when should we wait?

Addressing issues related to Palestinians cannot and shouldn’t be ignored in this whole social justice movement. Don’t use the idea that Arabs are joining the protest movement to boost your own interest and publicity! Do not normalize the situation by using Arab presence, Arabs have demands, and you better address those! Please, end the hypocrisy and emerge to reality!


Less than a week ago, I started reading on Twitter that there will be a large demonstration organized by Israeli Leftwing activists in Jerusalem protesting the new Boycott Bill and Israeli occupation of Palestinian Occupied Territories. I expected that activists will challenge the anti-Boycott law and chant for BDS or call for Settlement boycott as well as chanting for a Palestinian state, I was wrong. It turned out to be a march organized by Zionist leftists calling for a legitimate Palestinian state next to the state of Israel. I just lost all motives that would make me want to attend that demonstrations, but I eventually did, only as an observer and not a participant.

I am extremely critical of Zionism and I dislike the Two-State Solution for many reasons which I hav

e mentioned in a previous article which you could take a look at here.  I believe the one and only proper eternal solution for this conflict is one democratic secular state, it is not going to happen by Palestinians’ effort alone, nor Israelis’ effort alone, it will happen when Palestinians and Israelis decide to join hands to fight for the right to live together equally on this land. The West Bank, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon… are not homes for Palestinians who were expelled from their homes in 1948, they deserve the right to live in their lands and enjoy equality.

Event's official poster

Something that is worth mentioning is, as Ali Abunimah noted on his twitter, that the event official poster was slightly misleading. It was written in Arabic and Hebrew. Hebrew title said “We march for Independence” and the Arabic title said “We march for Liberation” معا نسير للتحرير. As I already said, this could be misleading, two different things, it should have said “Marching for independence” too in Arabic rather than “Liberation” if liberation isn’t what they really seek.

I decided to attend this demonstration as an observer because I believed in the goodness of their short term goals standing in solidarity with Palestinians living in threatened East Jerusalem neighborhoods like Shekh Jarrah, Silwan, Ras Amoud, Tur, and others and of course against West Bank illegal settlements. I decided to overlook the actual purpose they decided to march through the streets of Jerusalem. I simply despised the idea that many people there carried posters saying “Two People, Two States, One Future” That is an oxymoron. Three quarters of the Palestinian citizens in Gaza are refugees expelled from their homes back in 1948, and similar is the case in the West Bank. How would two separated peoples each living on a side of a border holding hostility to each other would have one future? If they reconcile they’d live together, or the idea of one future would be out of reach.

While heading to the demonstration, I was lucky to meet an Italian guy who was active with Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah group, I began conversing with him on the background of this demonstration and why is he attending. His words actually gave me hope, he is not a Zionist, and he does believe one day those anti-occupation activists will refuse the idea of political Zionism. He said it would take them a while, maybe decades, but just as they became anti-occupation in few years, this generation can become the hope for a peaceful futuristic one Palestine-Israel state. “Everything positive starts from demonstrations like this” he said, and I appreciated that. I believe what he is saying is true.

Youth leading the march

An Israeli holding a placard which says "I love Arabs"

There was one other guy who caught my attention at this demonstration, he was carrying a placard saying “I love Arabs” in Hebrew. I immediately came up to him and asked him what his views were; he simply said “I don’t care about solutions”. Men like him, who put extreme religion and politics aside and focuses on humanitarian aspects, are men who keep me hopeful. We have seen enough misery and destruction caused by extremism, time to accept each other as humans and separate each other even more.

Big crowds at the march





Although I was not officially participating in the demonstration, but I was extremely happy that thousands of Israelis actually showed up for this march, from this point anything is possible. Hopefully the one state vision spreads between Israeli youth as well as Palestinian youth, because we have seen enough today to prove that youth are capable of achieving what none could.

As for a different matter, the organizers of this march hoped they could achieve a joint-struggle title where Palestinians and Israelis together would march for the same cause. It was a success, but not as in the scale expected. Palestinians did join the march, and for the matter of fact, many Palestinians lead a majority of the chants at the march. But I believe most of those Palestinians were marching for the sake of their threatened homes in East Jerusalem neighborhoods, therefore serving short-term aims of the march to put a stop to the ethnic cleansing of Arab Jerusalemites, and not to call for an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza.

Some may call me naïve, but I assure you I am not. These views are not of mine alone, they’re shared by a majority of Palestinians and many Israelis as well. This phrase is one of my favorites as it holds a true meaning, “If we can’t live together, we will die alone.”

The march reaches Shekh Jarrah neighborhood

Qalandia may refer to a refugee camp, a village, an airport, or an illegal Israeli crossing. All lie in the same area on the main road which connects Jerusalem to the West Bank city of Ramallah. I am going to discuss in this article how I and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians feel like crossing the Qalandia Israeli checkpoint at least once daily.

The old Qalandia before turning into a huge beast in 2006

I still remember the time when this checkpoint wasn’t in existence and our journeys between Jerusalem and Ramallah didn’t take over 10 minutes by car, today is a different reality. Qalandia checkpoint was first established back in 2000 as a simple checkpoint; it consisted of fences and some plastic barriers. Israeli soldiers manned the checkpoint 24 hours a day; they were accompanied with either tanks or military jeeps. No one thought this checkpoint was going to be a permanent checkpoint and that it will last long. There was another checkpoint only five minutes after it by car; people thought Qalandia was just extra provocation that will soon be removed.

As the days passed, Qalandia checkpoint faced upgrades; concrete blocks were added and a lane for pedestrians was added too. People started to lose hope that this checkpoint will be removed any time soon; but instead it will become even larger. Soon after, Qalandia was turned into an official checkpoint, more soldiers were manning it, more concrete blocks were added, and fences and metal bars appeared to designate different lanes everywhere for cars and for pedestrians as well.

Qalandia at those times was the place everyone wanted to avoid, but none could. In winter, Qalandia area would be filled with mud, Pedestrians will get out of Qalandia as if they got out of a mud pool. When it rains, water often rises to high levels causing some cars to break down due to lack of underground sewer system and well paved roads. While in summer, Pedestrians had to wait for hours in the heat, cars stuck in the traffic jam would break down and the smell due to left out garbage itself would be extremely irritating, The Jerusalem municipality was responsible of Qalandia area, but they barely ever do their job.  Nevertheless, the Traffic jam at Qalandia was never eased; it was always filled with cars no matter what the time would be.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians had to cross this checkpoint daily to get to their work, to their businesses, to their schools (as is my case). At that time (before 2006), the Israeli Apartheid wall wasn’t fully set in place yet, some people managed to go through different routes to get into Jerusalem and avoid having to go through the hell of Qalandia checkpoint.

The Qalandia you see today might seem different or more comfortable than that which was over 6 years ago, but the humiliation and suffering went nowhere, only increased.

It was all sudden that we went to Qalandia one morning and saw a whole new checkpoint being constructed; it didn’t take long to be completed. The new checkpoint came along with the Apartheid wall which was built and completed in al-Ram and Qalandia area around 2006, it was considered by the Israelis the borders of their state, and beyond that checkpoint lays the occupied West Bank even though the checkpoint was over 10km into West Bank territory.

The daily routine didn’t stop, but now even more people had to pass through Qalandia every morning to get to their work or business since all other paths were blocked by the Israel Apartheid Wall. Qalandia became a central checkpoint, the only gate hundreds of thousands of Palestinians could pass to enter Jerusalem only if they’re carrying Israeli issued permits or Jerusalem ID cards. Of course not to mention over a million other Palestinians now unable to even breathe the air of the holy city of Jerusalem since the Apartheid Wall and Israeli checkpoints laid a complete blockade all around the West Bank.

People are indeed frustrated and extremely annoyed at the reality that they have to pass this checkpoint every day to get to their work or even just visit family members who have been cut off by the wall. It’s unfortunate but we now have to cope with this reality, we have to cope with the idea that it is impossible to be granted freedom of travel around the West Bank and Jerusalem.

But, have you wondered what it is like passing this checkpoint walking? Or even by car? I’ll explain here.

People passing through cages at Qalandia. Photo by Peter Miller

When you are heading towards Jerusalem without a car, using public transportation (you must get off the bus) or walking, you will have to enter a big terminal just as those you see at Airports and real border crossings. First stage in entering this terminal is passing through tiny cattle cages, resized to fit human beings. Those cages are so tiny that people hurt their shoulders while passing them. Often Israeli guards on those cages lock the door to humiliate the pedestrians passing the checkpoint, making their first stage of passage even harder. Afterwards, you arrive at 4 entrances which usually only one or two would be open. After waiting in line, you go through the gate to be checked, you put everything you have through the x-ray scanner and pass through a metal-detecting door. You show your ID or Permit to the Israeli soldier behind the bullet-proof window, scan your hand on a biometric hand reader and they chose whether to let you in or make you return, depends on their mood at that moment. This process usually takes 30 minutes if you’re lucky, over an hour if you’re not.

Palestinian using the Biometric scanner at Qalandia. Photo from AP

Qalandia traffic jam in a late afternoon. Photo by Josh Levinger

It is not better or more comfortable passing Qalandia by car, after you fight your way through a hell of traffic jam before the checkpoint, you wait for as long as the soldier on the gate wishes before he lets you pass to be checked. When passing, the car driver is not allowed to have anyone along with him on the car except his/her family, everyone else has to go down and walk through pedestrian terminal. Often, police dogs are used on this checkpoint as a humiliation tool and to intimidate Palestinians passing. After a provocative checking of every single part of your car, you should be allowed passage.

Even with people tending to cope with this daily routine, no one is ready to accept that this has become a fact in our lives. The placement of this checkpoint plus hundreds of other checkpoints and road blocks spread all around the West Bank is completely illegal under International Law and a direct attack on the Palestinians’ right of freedom of movement.

Today, July 9, 2011, meets the anniversary of the International Court of Justice ruling which delegitimized the Wall Israel has built around the West Bank, this tribunal officially called on Israel to take down this wall for it being illegal.

The Court finds that the construction by Israel of a wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and its associated régime are contrary to international law; it states the legal consequences arising from that illegality “The Hague

It has been 7 years since this court ruling was made and we have seen nothing change on the ground. Instead Palestinians are still being strangled even more by those barriers! We hope to be able to wake up one day and witness an end and destruction of all those boundaries and walls separating us and holding us in huge open air prisons. The situation in Palestine is not humane; the way Palestinians are treated is not humane.

Give us our Freedom! Treat us like the humans we are!

Young Palestinian woman passing through Qalandia. Photo by Sarah Rashid

As the Israeli Zionist war criminal Netanyahu was addressing the US congress last night, a brave young Jewish woman stood up for humanity, disrupted his speech saying ” STOP ISRAELI WAR CRIMES!” lifting a banner which also said “Occupying land is indefensible”. The young woman’s name is Rae Abileah, she was tackled, beaten and then arrested by police agents who were at the scene. Netanyahu carried on his speech in a comedic way saying:

“You know, I take it as a badge of honor, and so should you, that in our free societies you can have protest, You can’t have these protests in the farcical parliaments in Tehran or Tripoli, this is real democracy”

Every single word in that phrase was hypocritical. Not that the rest of his speech wasn’t, everything that comes from a Zionist mouth is either a lie or hypocrisy.

Watch this video about the incident yesterday, it is extremely powerful!

That young lady was moved to a hospital to be treated for neck injuries, she was then arrested by the police at the hospital. This is the democracy Bibi was talking about.

I think he meant with democracy “Be glad we didn’t kill her on site”

Abileah said she was “in great pain” but her ordeal was nothing “compared to the pain and suffering that Palestinians go through on a regular basis.”

“I have been to Gaza and the West Bank, I have seen Palestinians’ homes bombed and bulldozed, I have talked to mothers whose children have been killed during the invasion of Gaza, I have seen the Jewish-only roads leading to ever-expanding settlements in the West Bank. This kind of occupation cannot continue… I feel obligated to rise up and speak out against these crimes being committed in my name and with my tax dollars.” -Abileah

Moving to Israel, what democracy is Netanyahu talking about? Is it the democracy in Israel where apartheid laws are being enacted everyday, some are to prevent people from holding a memorial for a specific event, like Nakba? [Nakba Law] The list of apartheid undemocratic laws goes on, there are dozens of apartheid laws in Israel which completely defy the true definition of a democracy.

What about freedom of speech? Netanyahu said that his free society allows freedom of speech. Palestinians, Israelis, foreigners in the West Bank, Gaza and 1948 Palestine march all the time against Israeli occupation and apartheid. Those protestors are peaceful protesters expressing their opinions, they are met with barrages of Tear Gas/Toxic Gas grenades, Rubber Bullets, Live Bullets, and sometimes tank shells. We can see that in the weekly peaceful demonstrations which take place in Bil’in, Ni’lin, Ma’sara, Silwan, Nabi Saleh, Shekh Jarrah, Bet Hanoun crossing, Qalandia and etc…

Netanyahu says his free society allows freedom of speech, What about Bassem Abu Rahmeh who was shot dead with a high velocity tear gas canister to his chest in Bil’in? He was standing behind a fence, standing still and shouting against occupation. You can see the full assasination of Bassem Abu Rahmeh in Bil’in in the following video

Another example, the American citizen Rachel Corrie who was run over by an Israeli Occupation Bulldozer near Rafah because she refused to see Palestinians’ homes being demolished for no reason. The list of those massacred by Israel for peacefully protesting Israeli occupation is huge.

What democracy when millions of citizens under Israeli Occupation are not able to vote to determine their futures? What democracy when anyone criticizing Israeli policies against Palestinians is labeled as an Anti-Semit? What Democracy when Israelis are able to claim land as theirs in East Jerusalem and the West Bank when Palestinians everywhere including diaspora, are not able to claim the house that was their’s months or years ago.

Netanyahu and all zionist scums alike are absolutely no one to be lecturing others about freedom and democracy. Israel is a terrorist state, it is an apartheid state, I consider Israel to be one of the least democratic state in the world similar to North Korea and Saudi Arabia for the atrocities it has committed in Palestine and the whole world alike.

The Speech by Netanyahu is a call for war, a war we don’t want to fight. Netanyahu is the enemy of peace, he is not willing to accept any compromise to grant Palestinian Arabs dignity and freedom. He came, he terrorized, and he is going to fall.


a Palestinian Field Negro

The reason I am writing this is because I have been seeing, in the past few years, increased amount of Israelis who come to share the struggle with the Palestinians who face Israeli occupation every day. I want to ask them, how do they define “Coexistence”?

Time has passed quickly, decades have passed since the Two-State Solution has been put on the table. Palestinians have wasted their time negotiating, given up a lot of what was once their right, and have lost far more than they have gained in negotiations with the Israeli Apartheid State past decades. Having said this, I don’t believe any kind of a two state solution is even realistic to think about, two state solution simply means a Jewish-only state, with a Palestinian semi-state next to it filled with Illegal settlements and a wall which basically takes away all natural resources and strategic lands from the Palestinians, not to mention there is no Eastern Jerusalem to be governed by Palestinians.

With even more recent developments, Netanyahu, the Israeli PM refused to even consider going back to 1967 borders. That is nothing new, but it is all becoming official that Israel does not want to see a Palestinian state.

I was never pro-Two State Solution, since that, as for those who yearn for it , rejects the Right of Return for Palestinians. It reject the Palestinians right to claim back their stolen property, to come live in their hometowns in Yaffa, Haifa, Safad, Tiberius and others. Some Israelis and Palestinians are seeking a two-state solution. As a Palestinian, I consider a two state solution to be a dream far from reality. There is no way (current) Israel will give back East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, the wall and settlements all across the West Bank have already designated the borders of the Palestinian state, even the West Bank is barely under Palestinian control.

I often criticize few Israelis who come to the West Bank to support Palestinians struggling in the fight for their state, a state which will co-exist along with Israel, an unarmed poor state of Palestine aside with the nuclear-armed mass-destruction power, Israel.  Those who seek the two state solution have forgotten who owned the house they live in, who owned the property their Mall is built on, who owned the land of Palestine which is today referred to as Israel.

Historic Palestine is a land that welcomes all faiths, all people. Israel seeks to become a Jewish-only State; even Barrack Obama started referring to Israel as a Jewish state in his last MEspeech. A Jewish state will set its agenda to expel those few 1948 Arabs from their homes to refugee camps in a tiny Palestinian State, or neighboring countries.

I refuse Zionism; I refuse to even discuss this struggle with a Zionist. Zionism is another word which describes the complete ethnic cleansing of Arabs from the land between the River and the Sea, and replaces them with Jews from all over the world that don’t even belong to this land.

We have lost our lands in 1948, we have lost more lands in 1967, and we are losing whatever is left of Palestine today. The only way to not lose it all, is to not give up anymore. I will accept to live in a one state joining Jews and Arabs, equal rights and of course, the Right of Return must be applied.

I respect every Israeli who is ready to have me or any Arab alike, to be his neighbor in an apartment in Tel-Aviv. I am ready to respect every Israeli who feels we are all equal and we all deserve the same equal rights of living. 1948 Arabs today are living in ghettos around Haifa, Yaffa, Jerusalem and others due to the extremely racist apartheid Israeli laws and regulations which consider Arabs as inferiors in the state of Israel. This is not acceptable.

I am extremely inspired by the South African experience which succeeded using non-violence, to gain equal rights for all citizens whatever their race or ethnicity was. As their Apartheid system has fallen,  the Israeli Apartheid System can and will fall, hopefully democracy will prevail, the people will speak, and their voice will be heard.

We are not different, no one deserves to be treated different than any other person because of his religion or ethnic origin. We are all Semites after all; we can and should live together, not separated by walls or borders.

I ask you, how do you define “Coexistence”? Do you accept me as your neighbor? Are we different?

Please take time to read and sign this [Action for a One-State initiative]

If you want to take part in the campaign against the Apartheid State of Israel and the Zionist regime, join the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

Photo from the Atlantic of an Israeli and Palestinian suffering from Tear Gas in Qalandia 15 May 2011


A Palestinian Field Negro

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while now, Have we sold our freedom for a monthly Salary?

Since the Oslo accords took place 17 years ago, the situation in Palestine was exposed to many turns and changes, it is now nothing as it was 20+ years ago. It has been changed, people’s mentality has been changed, the soul of resistance is slowly vanishing and a large percentage of Palestinians are living in a state of despair.

Why is this happening? The way I see it is a complete success for the Zionist regime. In the First popular Intifada, Palestinians from all over the place took to the street to protest Israeli occupation, they resisted Israeli oppression, they boycotted the Zionist regime which eventually led to Israel handling huge losses on all aspects, most importantly financially and support on the world stage.

This forced Israel to take quick steps to regain control over the situation, that is when Oslo accords happened, that is when the PLO came to power and the fake dream of the occupied Palestinian people started. People thought that they had a country, that they had a government responsible to take care of it’s citizens, that they had a police force to maintain the citizen’s security at all times…People didn’t realize it is a fake reality, they didn’t realize that Israel and the occupation went nowhere, but they just created a new servant miniature government responsible of easing the occupation’s responsibility of the occupied people living in the West Bank and Gaza.

When people come to the West Bank, they see happy people, working fathers, businesses, nightlife, new Sky-scrapers and life which seems perfect, especially in Ramallah, but what everyone seems to not recognize is that the Occupation reality has gone no where.

People have changed, The current Palestinian government brought no good for the Palestinian people. The people are now DEPENDENT on the government, they are dependent on jobs provided by this government, working in offices for many hours to receive a small salary, people are dependent on the Salary they receive from this government.

When I say Dependent, I mean dependent. Currently a lot of Palestinians are ready to fight their brothers, to oppress resistance and silence those who dare speak against the occupation, because that would harm their “secured” government jobs which provides a small payment which supports a tiny house’s rent and loafs of bread for the whole family. Now that is not the case of everyone, there are the elites in every community, and in order to maintain the continuity of this fake Palestinian government, some people earn huge amounts of money…those same people are those who collaborate with the Israeli occupation forces in order to suppress anykind of acts against Israel.

After the 2nd Intifada, whenever one bullet is fired against an Israeli from the West Bank, jeeps of Palestinian security forces would be the first to arrive at the scene to arrest those responsible then would transfer them to an Israeli jail.

When Hamas won the Palestinian elections back in 2005, Israel refused to accept that, and used its most powerful weapon .. cut all financial aid to the Palestinian government. It is just like when a someone takes away a drug addict’s drug stash, the addict will go crazy and would do anything to get his hands on the drug stash again. Exactly the case with the Palestinian people, this eventually caused those “Government money addicts” to fight the Hamas government and force it to leave so that they can have their monthly salaries back again. this eventually caused the unfortunate internal division and the block aid on the Gaza Strip.

This exact same scenario is happening again, Israel is threatened by the Palestinian Reconciliation, so they decided they should use their weapon again and hold all Palestinian Tax-income payments, therefore making the Palestinian government not able to pay the monthly salaries for most of governmental employees.

I really hope this ploy doesn’t succeed again, I just hope that the Palestinian people don’t sell their dignity, their freedom for a small amount of cash.

Many Palestinians have already sold their rights and freedom for amounts of cash, those people who oppose resisting Israeli Occupation, who oppose peaceful uprising against the Zionist regime…and those who went on TV to say “We do not support a third Palestinian Intifada, and we will prevent it from happening” -Abbas

I have faith in the people of Palestine, we might have been in a time of recession, but we are still able to rise and refuse this occupation and mental colonization. We DO NOT take money in exchange of our dignity. We will honor our freedom with our lives!

Your enemy will not grant you your freedom, you will fight and die to preserve your freedom and dignity.

if you haven’t watched this speech, watch it, and think of your self as a Palestinian.


A Palestinian Field Negro

While I was at the demonstrations which took place yesterday (Hamas demo and Mar15 youth demo) in Ramallah, I was wondering the whole time the amount of reality in this situation, Palestinian Policemen and security personnel were just standing back, observing the demonstrations and not acting offensively in anyway. Now that is something new, at least not the image I was used to the past few years.

I was really happy that finally this is happening, but it’s really hard to believe such people would change overnight. Those same people who harassed us, arrested us, and beat us for the crime of opinion, protesting injustice or protesting the Israeli Occupation.

I am going to layout some of those events I experienced which I actually find it difficult to remove off my memory.

When I watched those Hamas supporters walking through Ramallah yesterday carrying their green banners, I instantly had a flashback from the time of the 2008 “War on Gaza”. There were weekly mass demonstrations at al-Manara in Ramallah in support of our Gazan brothers and sisters,  I remember seeing a lot of Hamas supporters being dragged away, or beaten up by hordes of plain-cloth police thugs for the crime of belonging to Hamas sometimes taking it too far and tear gassing all Hamas supporters in the middle of Ramallah downtown.

But not all oppressing acts by the police in the West Bank were because of Hamas, a lot of times later the reason was the freedom of expression and nothing else.

We, the youth started our solidarity actions with the Arab Spring Uprisings by organizing a solidarity stand with our Tunisian and Egyptian brothers back in January, the official facebook event was censored after PA police threatened the person who created the event. Nevertheless, the solidarity stand took place, and as soon as the police realized some 50 people were gathering to support the Egyption Revolt, 10s of Riot Police vans came rushing to al-Manara square, and everyone there was either beaten, had their camera confiscated, or jailed. everyone eventually was dispersed.

here is one of the few footage which managed to be leaked.

and this took place after the shameful first. Still the same conduct.

It was just last March, on the Palestinian Land Day where a big group of students at the Ramallah Friends School decided to join the demonstration taking place near Bet-Eil Settlement, they were met with lines of Policemen blocking the roads, supported with lines of Riot Police behind them, with (أمن وقائي) jeeps blocking the road all the way behind.

The (Herak) mar15 Youth at the Manara were the target of a lot of harrassment by the police and plain cloth thugs, they had their tent destroyed numerous times but they didn’t give up.

I had a small experience too which actually pissed me off, I was once at an event at Manra, I was using my phone to Tweet. Suddenly I find someone pulling me from behind, I didn’t resist much as I knew it was someone related to the police. he turned out to be Mukhabarat (intelligence), and a bunch of other mukhabart huddled around me interrogating me…it took 20 minutes, but eventually I managed to get out with no harm. I was only tweeting, and they didn’t like that.

two of my close friends had their rough experience too at an (End of Division) rally. One was kidnapped instantly (16 years old) for chanting Pro people of Egypt, and other was beaten up (15 years old) for standing up for his friend being kidnapped. in this Video, you can see Shareef, being beaten up by Plain-Cloth Police.

This doesn’t mean I am pessimistic about the Unity, I am rather too optimistic, and I believe by unity, Israeli-PA collaboration would end, Hamas wild ineffective acts against Israel would end, and a unified strong weapon of resistance (NOT NECESSARILY VIOLENT) would emerge hopefully.

I am really hoping, I am observing an increase in awareness among the Palestinian public, they gotta learn that the Nation comes first, and laaaaaaaaater down the ladder comes political parties. there are priorities, and as I said, I am optimistic that this reconciliation deal will bring good upon the Palestinian people.

PS: I might not be real being that optimistic, but that is sure something I hope for.