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It was a coincidence that I had the pleasure of watching one of Veitch’s talks posted on his YouTube channel on the day of the widely popular English Royal Wedding.

I was quiet impressed with Veitch, I viewed some of his videos and I believed from that moment, that he acts out for his love of humanity. Veitch cannot stand seeing humans turning into slaves, machines and robots run by the Government.

I believe Veitch is a British Anarchist acting for humanity, he refuses being lead and controlled to blindly serve the greedy elites.

I saw the Video of Veitch’s arrest without a charge the night before the Royal Wedding only because he is accused of practicing Free Speech without causing anyone any disturbance or annoyance. This thing happening in a so called “Democracy” is something that reveals a lot about the truth behind the world we live in today.

I want to share with you all the video he made as soon as he was released from jail, a video that truly made me break into tears. This video is so deep, and is a shout out to all Humanity.

As a Palestinian, it affects me deeply knowing that we are not alone, in this world, in our fight for Justice, freedom and Liberty of Mankind. The Palestinian struggle doesn’t belong only to Palestinians or Arabs, it belongs to all free men all around the globe.