About Me!

I want to be able to speak!

I have been told a lot of times by my friends that I have to determine what is my political affiliation. I always answer that I support non as non actually serve the Palestinian cause the way I view is the best. Every politician and every political party has an external factor influencing its actions and the decisions it take.
I might describe my self as a leftist and revolutionary, but I am not a Marxist nor a socialist. I might describe my self as nationalistic and moderate, but I don’t even think about belonging to Fatah or else. I am a proud Muslim who practices his faith independently, but I am extremely critical of  Islamic political parties which use the power of faith to gain popular support.

I am a human being who has lost complete faith in Government and authority!

I believe in the people!

I am a fresh Palestinian Blogger.

I am literally fresh, 16 years old.

I just want to get my voice out!
best Regards,


  1. Linah says:

    Damn! Kid for a 16 year old, you really are articulate and about as savvy as they come. Great work homie!

  2. JoeChristmas says:

    Keep slinging pearls, kid.

  3. just me says:

    yeslam temmak l’il brother !!:))…keep on writing, spread the word loud and proud;)

  4. Insyirah says:

    wow, your writings are great. Keep it, and I read it! Good job. ❤ Palestine

  5. amen676 says:

    Salaam , Amazing Brother…
    You have all it takes without even bending the reed.
    My your arrows go swift and far.
    Love & Salaams To You

  6. Beautiful writing, which shcool do you go to?

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