Have we sold our freedom for a monthly Salary?

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Blog
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This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while now, Have we sold our freedom for a monthly Salary?

Since the Oslo accords took place 17 years ago, the situation in Palestine was exposed to many turns and changes, it is now nothing as it was 20+ years ago. It has been changed, people’s mentality has been changed, the soul of resistance is slowly vanishing and a large percentage of Palestinians are living in a state of despair.

Why is this happening? The way I see it is a complete success for the Zionist regime. In the First popular Intifada, Palestinians from all over the place took to the street to protest Israeli occupation, they resisted Israeli oppression, they boycotted the Zionist regime which eventually led to Israel handling huge losses on all aspects, most importantly financially and support on the world stage.

This forced Israel to take quick steps to regain control over the situation, that is when Oslo accords happened, that is when the PLO came to power and the fake dream of the occupied Palestinian people started. People thought that they had a country, that they had a government responsible to take care of it’s citizens, that they had a police force to maintain the citizen’s security at all times…People didn’t realize it is a fake reality, they didn’t realize that Israel and the occupation went nowhere, but they just created a new servant miniature government responsible of easing the occupation’s responsibility of the occupied people living in the West Bank and Gaza.

When people come to the West Bank, they see happy people, working fathers, businesses, nightlife, new Sky-scrapers and life which seems perfect, especially in Ramallah, but what everyone seems to not recognize is that the Occupation reality has gone no where.

People have changed, The current Palestinian government brought no good for the Palestinian people. The people are now DEPENDENT on the government, they are dependent on jobs provided by this government, working in offices for many hours to receive a small salary, people are dependent on the Salary they receive from this government.

When I say Dependent, I mean dependent. Currently a lot of Palestinians are ready to fight their brothers, to oppress resistance and silence those who dare speak against the occupation, because that would harm their “secured” government jobs which provides a small payment which supports a tiny house’s rent and loafs of bread for the whole family. Now that is not the case of everyone, there are the elites in every community, and in order to maintain the continuity of this fake Palestinian government, some people earn huge amounts of money…those same people are those who collaborate with the Israeli occupation forces in order to suppress anykind of acts against Israel.

After the 2nd Intifada, whenever one bullet is fired against an Israeli from the West Bank, jeeps of Palestinian security forces would be the first to arrive at the scene to arrest those responsible then would transfer them to an Israeli jail.

When Hamas won the Palestinian elections back in 2005, Israel refused to accept that, and used its most powerful weapon .. cut all financial aid to the Palestinian government. It is just like when a someone takes away a drug addict’s drug stash, the addict will go crazy and would do anything to get his hands on the drug stash again. Exactly the case with the Palestinian people, this eventually caused those “Government money addicts” to fight the Hamas government and force it to leave so that they can have their monthly salaries back again. this eventually caused the unfortunate internal division and the block aid on the Gaza Strip.

This exact same scenario is happening again, Israel is threatened by the Palestinian Reconciliation, so they decided they should use their weapon again and hold all Palestinian Tax-income payments, therefore making the Palestinian government not able to pay the monthly salaries for most of governmental employees.

I really hope this ploy doesn’t succeed again, I just hope that the Palestinian people don’t sell their dignity, their freedom for a small amount of cash.

Many Palestinians have already sold their rights and freedom for amounts of cash, those people who oppose resisting Israeli Occupation, who oppose peaceful uprising against the Zionist regime…and those who went on TV to say “We do not support a third Palestinian Intifada, and we will prevent it from happening” -Abbas

I have faith in the people of Palestine, we might have been in a time of recession, but we are still able to rise and refuse this occupation and mental colonization. We DO NOT take money in exchange of our dignity. We will honor our freedom with our lives!

Your enemy will not grant you your freedom, you will fight and die to preserve your freedom and dignity.

if you haven’t watched this speech, watch it, and think of your self as a Palestinian.


A Palestinian Field Negro

  1. Dalal says:

    This is brilliant! Thank you for saying out my thoughts!

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